Welcome back to Research Matters! You probably notice that our digital forum has a new look and feel. If you haven’t been here before, glad you found us. Research Matters is a digital forum for content related to the fellowships and grants programs of the Social Science Research Council. The SSRC has been providing funding to researchers at all stages of their academic and professional careers for more than 90 years and has awarded over 15,000 fellowships and grants to support research around the globe. Research Matters celebrates the accomplishments of those recipients and friends of the programs.

We’ll be posting a wide variety of content, including, but not limited to, articles from current fellows who are conducting research around the globe, book discussions, interviews with past recipients who are blazing a trail in careers in academia and beyond, and professional development resources for current and future graduate students. The best part about Research Matters is that it is a forum that will continue to evolve as more people share their own stories and perspectives.

That’s where you come in! (You being defined as someone who is or has been connected to the SSRC fellowships or grants programs.) Did your SSRC award shape your career? Did your fellowship help you publish a book? What are you working on now? Does your work have policy implications? Do you have opinions that you want to share about the current state of the world? Do you have advice for the next generation of social scientists? Great! Send us an email and we will work on getting your idea published on Research Matters. Your work matters and we want to help you share your story.

For inquiries or to submit a story, please contact us at researchmatters@ssrc.org.

Feature Image Credit: Stefanie Graeter, 2012 SSRC IDRF fellow